Mining & Industry

Finland’s mining cluster is strong, consisting on a big number of mines and smelters, several mining companies, research organizations and mining related universities. All these form the most innovative mining ecosystem in the world.


The development of sustainable mining has been the focus of the Finnish cluster, which benefits from a long mining tradition, cutting-edge engineering and a vast experience, combined with excellent level of education and research in infrastructure.

Marlexing S.A

The company sells high quality equipment and accessories for open pit and deep level mining industries and heavy civil construction.

Outokumpu Fortinox S.A

High performance stainless steel company, specialized in the production and distribution of spools, pipes, bars and plates. The company also offers special alloys for tools and a wide variety of high resistance structural steel plates.

Mauber S.A

Maquinaria Mauber was established in the 2014. Maquinaria Mauber is representing several companies from Finland, Sweden, German, Poland.. We are working in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay; Importation, spare parts and after-sales. Our business areas are construction, mining, environmental sector and agriculture. Main brands represented: Elematic, Finland. Pre-cast machine for concrete prefabricated houses and buildings. Junttan Finland. Piling machine for foundation (buildings, bridges, docks) Viper Finland. Crashing/Screening buckets, accessories for excavators and wheel loaders. Applications: gas/oil pipelines, environmental sector and mining. Leimet Finland. Connectors for concrete piles. Dynaset Finland. Hydraulic Generators to generate electric power from excavators, wheel loaders, trucks or tractors. Applications: Light, washing, welding, cutting. Tana Finland. Land fill compactors and industrial (mobile) crashers for different waste material. Also tires.


Sennebogen Germany. Cranes for construction and ports. Rotar Poland. Demolition equipment.

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